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Parcel Connect!

Parcel Connect!

Liffey Valley now offers a Parcel Postal Service at the Liffey Valley Customer Information Desk in partnership with Parcel Connect! You can now Send parcels, Collect your online shopping or Return Parcels with various online retailers all from Liffey Valley. - See more at:

Find out how it works below:

To Send a parcel:
·    Go to, make your online booking, follow all instructions & post your parcel from Liffey Valley
·    OR you can simply package and post an item with a *Parcel Connect Satchel all from the Customer Information Desk!

To Collect your online shopping:
·    Go to, sign up, shop online on any website and enter all delivery details indicated when you registered for the collect service at Parcel Connect; making Liffey Valley your collection point.
·    It’s as easy as that!

Returning a parcel:
·    Return a parcel with one of Parcel Connect’s online retailers which you can find at
·    OR return a parcel to any other retailer you wish with a Parcel Connect Satchel at the Customer Information Desk.

*Note Satchels are A4 size, items must fit into this dimension.

Find out more:



Liffey Valley Shopping Centre

- See more at:

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