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Tiger is Changing…

Tiger is Changing…

Tiger has changed it’s name to…


What happened to Tiger?

We have changed our name and logo, but inside we are still the same playful, creative and curious creature.


• Tiger was born more than 20 years ago. Since then we have opened more than 600 shops in 28 countries. Tiger has always been a curious creature and the new name more clearly expresses this. When we choose and design new products we always focus on how they contribute to your life. What our products have in common is that they facilitate experiences – it is not the seed in itself that brings value to your life, it is the plants you can watch grow with your family and pass on to your loved ones once they bloom.

• We want you to feel rich after visiting a Flying Tiger store, not only because you experience value for money, but also because you discovered products that will solve problems you did not know you had or because you bought something that will create an experience you look forward to having and sharing. The name “Flying Tiger Copenhagen” more clearly expresses this aim. Why do you have a new logo?
• Tiger wishes to inspire people to be creative, playful and live out their ideas with their loved ones. With the hand cut letters, the playful design and the wiggly eyes the new logo more clearly expresses our identity

Why did you change the name?

• When you walk through our stores you meet products you will not normally connect. In the same way, the new name, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, illustrates our wish to surprise by connecting things you do not normally connect, the tiger that flies, while at the same time emphasizing Tiger’s Danish heritage.

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