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Top Tips to create your 2017 Inspiration Board

Top Tips to create your 2017 Inspiration Board

Inspiration boards are a great way to focus on what you plan to achieve this year. Whether you want to get fit, travel more, change job, or all of the above, visual boards will help kick start your journey.
Here are Liffey Valley’s top tips on how you can create your own inspiration board.

Start by sourcing a foam or poster board, which are available in Art & Hobby. Our advice is to choose a foam board where possible as they’re sturdier and should see you through to the following year. Alternatively, pick up a scrap book, adding to it throughout the year or why not create an area on a wall in your home.

Encouraging words and phrases:
Having a mix of words, pictures and positive phrases in different colours and fonts adds depth to inspiration boards and makes them more appealing to the eye, and therefore more encouraging.

Cut out words and pictures from old magazines or newspapers and start sticking!
If you’re looking for something brighter, jazz up the appearance by adding this seasons must have accessories…patches, badges and pins. A variety of Liffey Valley stores are stocking these including Claire’s Accessories, Topshop and River Island.


Get crafty:
Any excuse to get artsy is enough for us! Why not try sticking some bobbles and glitter onto your vision board? Art & hobby in Liffey Valley have plenty of options for all your crafty needs!


Don’t worry about perfection:
Just get started and have fun with it! You can always come back to it and add or remove things as you see fit, or as your goals change.
There’s no right or wrong way to create your 2017 inspiration board…the most important thing to do is make sure it’s individual to match your personality and unique goals for the year.
Good Luck and don’t forget to tag us in any inspiration boards you post online!


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